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Getting started with tufting

Below you will find all the links for getting started with tufting.

All the products are linked with affliate links, which lets me earn a little commission.

Tufting Cloth /
Tufting Tuch
1 x 5 m

Cut-Pile Tufting Gun

Carpetgripper /

Latexmilk / Latexmilch
5 l

Latexmilk /
1 l

Backing Glue /
Teppich Kleber
5 kg

Yarn Winder /
Wolle Aufwickler

Felt for Backing /
Filz Backing Stoff

Backing Cloth /
Backing Stoff

Backing Ribbon /
Köperband für Backing

Hot Glue Gun /
Heißklebe Pistole

Hot Glue Sticks

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