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'Wer das liest, ist doof!' - 'Only fools read this!'

'Wer das liest, ist doof!' - 'Only fools read this!'

The 'Only fools read this!' is mirrored writing Wallhanging, so only if you take a look in the mirror, the message appears. This is p.e. a lovely way of showing hospitality in the bathroom.

The Wallhangings come with the choice of having a non-reversible hard backing so you can easily hang them on the wall, or a felt backing so you can use it as a rug.


Size: ca. 60 * 60 cm


If you'd like to customize this product - have different colors or wool yarn instead, please use the contact form and we can find a design that suits you.


Since it's all handmade, the sizes might differ a bit.

  • Materials

    Front: 100% acrylic yarn
    Soft backing: 100% felt
    Hard backing: PVC board, felt

  • Care Guide

    Lint removal: use a lint-roller - and use it lightly.
    If necessary you can carefully trim the front with a scissor.
    Please do not try to wash in the washing machine or dryclean.
    You can vacuum the product (not on maximum power).
    For spot-removal use a damp towel and uncolored detergent, then let dry completely.

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